The Williams Family

Picture of Dan and Charity Williams

Charity & Dan's introduction to Shaklee Corporation came first through the products many years ago. Dan’s mother was introduced to Shaklee nutritionals as a solution to some serious health conditions she was dealing with. The products made such a difference in her health that she could not help but do what we now do everyday—tell other people about them! Dan had his first taste of Shaklee Soy Protein and the equivalent of Shaklee Basics in 1968—and that has been “breakfast” ever since. That was the very beginning of what is now a $6 million-a-year family business!

It was at college in Texas in 1970 that Dan became convinced of his personal need for supplementation. The stress, work load and lack of sleep caused numerous immune issues. But finding a combination of Shaklee products that helped overcome those problems became a key factor in leading him to Shaklee as a career. There was no denying that the Shaklee business plan had made tremendous improvements in his family’s financial situation, and the health benefits experienced by all who tried the products were impressive. The person-to-person business model meant that Dan could help build the business even while at college, so he decided to deviate from his plans to build a career at IBM and, instead, built a career as an independent business owner with Shaklee Corporation. After graduation, Dan began full-time in the family business in 1974.

Dan and Charity met at John Brown University in Arkansas. They were married in 1976 and have raised three children in a “Shaklee” environment. Charity say's "It has truly been a privilege to raise our family in a non-toxic home, avoid common health issues and to be good stewards of the environment though the use of Shaklee’s products." Having a Shaklee business has helped them accomplish many things that would have otherwise been difficult, if not impossible. The whole Williams family, children included, has enjoyed extensive international and domestic travel, both with Shaklee business and personal intentions. They have been able to help their two daughters earn Master’s Degrees and in the fall of 2007 their son will be headed to college in Texas where part of this story started. It’s wonderful to own your own business and enjoy the benefits that come with ownership. But it’s even more rewarding to build a business around your own lifestyle and family needs using the Shaklee business model. The flexibility of time, the sustainability, the longevity and the portability made possible through Shaklee are truly amazing, and the Williams Family has enjoyed every part of it!