Janice & David Tarr !

Fountain of Life Center - Janice & David Tarr
I was sick, tired & broke! A friend introduced me to Shaklee Nutritional Products and it was life changing. I regained my health, have more energy & look better than 26 years ago. We are currently driving our 11th Shaklee Bonus Car. No car payments for the past 26 years! Also have traveled all over the world compliments of Shaklee and have been able to take some family members. It's exciting to be debt Free! We have a vehicle to enable us to help people attain Total Wellness: Physical, Environmental & Financial. Dr. Shaklee wanted a company that would help improve the lives of everyone it touched. We thank God for Shaklee touching our lives & for giving us the opportunity to touch others. We love what we do. We look for people who want to make a difference in their lives & the lives of others.

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