Tom And Joan Hunt

Picture of Tom and Joan Hunt

My wife and I have been using Shaklee products since 1984 when we were both in our early teens. Throughout the years we received so many health benefits, we cannot mention them here.

I started our Shaklee business in 1991 after graduating from Seton Hall University. I decided to team up with Shaklee because I understood free enterprise and network marketing were key ingredients to financial freedom. It is such a pleasure working out of the home especially now that I am an Entreprenurial Father.

My wife is a graduate from Rider University with a degree in Accounting and Computer Information Systems. She is an accountant for a major telecommunications company and my partner in Shaklee.

We have received many benefits from our Shaklee Business. Aside from income and tax benefits, we have had two Company Cars and been on luxurious trips where we stayed at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco and the Century Plaza in Hollywood, Ca. Our last trip was to Geneva, Switzerland where we stayed in one of the most expensive hotels in Switzerland, The Hotel President Wilson. The greatest benefit is not having to put our two daughters into daycare.

If you wish to start a Shaklee Business please join our team today or Call me toll free 877 GR8-SKIN (478-7546)

Healthfully Yours,

Tom Hunt