Gilchrist Enterprise !

Pam & Joe Gilchrist

In 1979 we had never heard of Shaklee. Joe was working for Acme Markets, we were both former high school teachers, and I was a stay-at-home mom on a tight budget. A friend gave me a sample of "Basic-H," a safe organic cleaner from Shaklee. It proved to be a great savings and I used it for EVERYTHING, including bathing the kids.

Gradually I learned more about Shaklee. No pressure, no hype, just a company with a wellness mission, unique products, and a history of helping people get healthy and get income. When a Shaklee nutritional product solved a long-term health problem for one of our children, I knew we could depend on Shaklee for both health and income.

So I began to "do Shaklee." It continues to be one of the best decisions of our life. Besides our health and the friendship of our growing Shaklee "family," our income climbs...Shaklee delivers! In addition to all this, our business activity qualifies us for major-expense paid trips: California, Florida, Hawaii, Amsterdam, Switzerland, Vienna and soon the SHAKLEE STAR CRUISE! The tax advantages of our Shaklee business are great too.

Today, Shaklee is beginning a new phase of explosive growth with our visionary Owner, Chairman and CEO Roger Barnett. In the next ten years, Shaklee will become a $5 Billion company in 50 countries, beginning with China. Those who join Shaklee today will be on the leading edge of this global expansion, with the ability to sell Shaklee products and build distributorships around the world!

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